~ a multi-disciplinary designer looking to join a team or studio creating brand/visual identities, editorial design, type/graphic design, print, interactive design, and/or websites.

B.A. Media Arts & Sciences, 2020, Wellesley College

Joyce Florist

Brand Identity

2020 - Ongoing

Joyce Florist Business Cards
Business and thank you cards, 89mmx51mm (3.5inx2in)

Joyce Florist

is an Asian-immigrant-owned flower shop that has been providing floral arrangements and houseplants for loved ones in Tenafly, NJ and surrounding areas since 2000.

This project consists of an updated typographic logo, awning, business card, packaging stickers, and Instagram account. This new identity is built to affirm this small business's lasting quality in flowers, relationship with its customers, and presence within its local community.

Pan-Asian Council

Logo Design


PAC Logo Outline PAC Logo Merch
PAC Logo Full Name


is Wellesley's Pan-Asian Council; a student cultural org that oversees and works with all 16 AAPI cultural organizations on campus. As an "umbrella" org, it promotes awareness and care towards issues pertinent to students of Asian descent through facilitating leadership meetings, organizing community-building trainings, hosting open discussions, and collaborating with other orgs.

Due to this org's unique membership being made up of representatives of AAPI student orgs, it constantly seeks ways to further visibility amongst the general student body. This interlocking monogram logo was designed to tie a strong visual identity to its accustomed acronym and pays a cheeky homage to the org's curiously prevailing elephant emblem.


Advisors: Philip Tan, Dan Roy

UI/UX, Tablet Interface Design


CLEVR Disease Info Active CLEVR Medicine Button Active


stands for The Collaborative Learning Experiences in Virtual Reality; an interactive educational two-player game designed to help high school students learn cell biology using immersive 3DVR. The project examines the influence of new technologies and game-based approaches in education. How can XR (cross/extended reality) aid in expanding a student's conception of a cell - something so abstract yet also so fundamental and material?

New research findings and biweekly user testings would inform new functions in the game, resulting in regular revitalizations of buttons and their behaviors. The tablet interface was designed to render cohesiveness and ease, as it holds much academic information, to complement its visually-whelmed VR counterpart.

Team: Darius Bopp, Therese Mills, Katharina Gschwind, Temi Taylor, Femi Oladipupo, Valeria Yang

CLEVR at play
Full navigator (tablet) tutorial available here.


Advisor: Orit Shaer

Mobile Interface Design



is a mobile application designed for a Human-Computer Interaction course at Wellesley College. At the heart of this project is a desire to provide ease and empowerment for Wellesley students planning for their undergrad careers.

Enough time and energy is spent mulling over prospective courses and major/distribution requirements without having to also navigate disjointed platforms. Students are often left to singly balance interests and needs on external support such as excel sheets, written notes, and schedule apps. NextSem offers a consolidated information readily available and tailored to each Wellesley student. All to provide high-quality support, convenience, and experience as they plan for future semesters.

Team: Christina Chen, Hiya Vazirani


Projects For/From Self

Graphic Design, Print Editorial


A. Photo Book; Dimensions A4; 12 pages

Assorted Design Projects

: Curated photo books holding some favorites sifted out of my ever-growing digital photo abyss, conceptually driven design explorations, reflections on film, etc. **Update in progress**

Dactyl Press

Print Exchange, Handmade Bookmarks, Edition Size: 19



Alums and students who previously took print courses with Kelsey Miller at Wellesley were invited to virtually reunite for a Print Exchange. The prompt was to reflect on small joys that find us amidst the year-long pandemic and different life transitions.

The notion of a "print" was expanded to anything handmade that could slip into a 5inx7in/B6 mailing envelope. My alternative method involved pressing flowers (collected off the floor at Joyce Florist) and curating them onto bookmarks made from scraps of paper.

Everything was mailed out by March 27, 2021 and the exchange took place via Zoom on April 14, 2021. This event was thoughtfully planned and facilitated by Robin Siddall.


Wellesley College

Senior Exhibition Work, Mixed Media


Piece 1/5

Sitting on the Ground, Against the Couch

was my piece for Wellesley College's 2020 Senior and Thesis Exhibition. It was a practice of meditation on the tensions and paradoxes in diasporic habits of rest. Made from found fabric, collected stones, and thread. Inspired by cooling mats and heated floors, and the ever-present Lamé curve. You can read more about the work here.

Piece on Floor